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toty suncare is rooted in what we call our 360˚ Suncare Philosophy. A toty suncare routine takes a comprehensive approach that includes SPF, skincare, makeup and wellness. 

It’s why we like to say: “Suncare Always, Siempre Bonita.” 


How does 360˚ suncare work? Well, when we imagined what the best suncare routine should do, three things were clear: protect, perfect and prevent.

Every toty product plays a role in preserving your belleza from the aging effects of the sun – so you’re más bonita, inside and out.

The first step in toty’s 360˚ Suncare Philosophy is the most obvious:



A good suncare routine should protect your skin from photoaging with advanced SPF coverage. And the best suncare product is a no white cast sunscreen that blends into all skin tones and leaves no sunscreen smell… solo alegría!

toty’s SOLARIA MINERAL ANTIOXIDANT SUNSCREEN SERUM SPF 50+ is a blend of mineral SPF 50+ sunscreen combined with a potent antioxidant complex that provides elevated protection from sun damage and signs of photoaging. The  multi-benefit, non-greasy fluid veils your skin with a velvety-soft touch. Iron oxide pigments adapt to your skin tone so you see no white cast.

Formulated to be both very water-resistant and sweat-resistant for 80 minutes, SOLARIA MINERAL ANTIOXIDANT SUNSCREEN SERUM SPF 50+ is ideal for an active lifestyle outdoors. Look healthy and luminous in the sunshine or the shade. It also doesn't smell like sunscreen, won’t break you out and is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.



The second step in toty’s 360˚ Suncare Philosophy is: perfect

Effective suncare doesn’t have to be boring – or leave you looking ghostly. You shouldn’t have to compromise SPF protection for the perfect coverage and finish. That’s why we developed products you’ll love, that are effortless to use, and look gorgeous on your skin.

ILUMINA CC CREAM SPF 50+ Perfecting Fluid combines broad-spectrum SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen with powerful antioxidants and adaptive iron oxide pigments that blend seamlessly into your skin, leaving no white cast.

And you won’t smell like sunscreen! Over 90% of users in an independent study agreed that the product provides a perfecting and luminous finish to skin! Available in 15 tone-adapting shades. ILUMINA CC CREAMY COMPACT CASE + REFILL SPF 50+  Lightweight creamy texture delivers buildable coverage with a velvety finish that lights up your complexion anytime, anywhere.

A pampering blend of broad-spectrum SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen, antioxidants, and light-protecting pigments help protect your skin from common signs of photoaging. Formulated to be water and sweat-resistant for 80 minutes. Available in 15 tone-adapting shades.




The last step in the toty 360˚ Suncare Philosophy is: prevent. 

At toty, we want you to look and feel más bonita, inside and out. Gorgeous healthy skin starts from within. Antioxidants like Vitamins C and E as well as extracts from fruits, vegetables and plants help to prevent signs of photoaging. 

One of the best antioxidant extracts is toty’s proprietary PLE FernBoost Technology™ (Polypodium leucotomos extract). It’s scientifically proven to possess exceptional antioxidant activity on the skin to defend against environmental aggressors, including free radical damage that can contribute to photoaging. PLE FernBoost Technology™ has shown numerous benefits, both topically and orally, in more than 50 studies and scientific publications.

It’s found in every toty suncare product, including toty’s SOLARIA INFUSION ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER.  This delicious dietary supplement is infused with PLE FernBoost Technology™ and Camu-Camu, a natural source of Vitamin C. 

One daily sachet is all you need to boost your skin's defense against environmental damage, helping reduce the appearance of common signs of photoaging for a radiant and healthy-looking complexion. 

SOLARIA INFUSION ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER tastes great mixed with water, juice or take it directly from the sachet to protect you anytime, anywhere. Day after day, feel more luminous in and out of the sun. 


A comprehensive 

360˚ Suncare routine


We’ve made it easy to take the best care of your skin and preserve your belleza with our comprehensive 360˚ Suncare Philosophy. 

Four quick, easy (and fun!) products are all you need:

Solaria Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen Serum SPF 50+ 
Ilumina CC Cream SPF 50+ Perfecting Fluid
Ilumina CC Creamy Compact  SPF 50+ Case + Refill


Solaria Infusion Antioxidant